Episode 22: After ending the last one on a middling note, Dan and Avi are back with a new season of Power Rangers! Clearly big changes are afoot as the show has a slightly different name. That's not even the only thing that's different as some rangers get different colored uniforms. One of our main cast even hangs up the spandex, possibly never yelling "It's morphin' time!" again.


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Episode 23: King Mondo learns that Children are the future and creates a monster to influence children. Are Dan and Avi impressed? Not really. What they do care about is how far Ernie's criminal organization has fallen since the Machine Empire has taken over. Most impressive to our hosts, though, is one character's secret musical talent and extensive historical wardrobe.


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Episode 24: Something major happens in one of the Rangers' personal lives and Avi and Dan are eager to delve into it. Avi also has very strong feelings about menswear. Tommy's Native American heritage is delved into, sort of. Dan and Avi have feelings about that as well. Most importantly, though, their one segment gets a new name!


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Episode 25: Avi has a cold, Bulk and Skull have a variety of costumes and undergo a major life change, and Dan's theory about their employment by the Angel Grove Police Force refuses to die. Dan and Avi also watch their favorite episode of Power Rangers since the podcast began! And if you're a fan of Avi ranting, just you wait.


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Episode 26: We see far into two of the Rangers' futures and Avi and Dan are not impressed. The identity of the Gold Ranger is revealed and an old friend returns. All this, plus new Zords appear and long time listeners (if there are any) will know that this means more discussion of cockpits happens.


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Episode 27: We hope you like side conversations, because Dan and Avi go off-topic a lot this week. And for fans of Avi's rants, there's a doozy. They also discus the Zords some more, because we know that's everyone's favorite part of the podcast. Most importantly, though, someone's long lost parents make a surprising appearance (Spoiler Alert: It's not Kimberly's dad)


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Episode 28: Dan and Avi tackle the end of Zeo and their thoughts are mixed. They say goodbye to two beloved characters, one on less that ideal circumstances. For most of the podcast though, they speak directly to the writers. And boy do they have issues with some of the writing in these episodes.


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