Episode 29: Dan and Avi start Turbo with Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie.They're not impressed.



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Episode 30: Avi and Dan continue to be unimpressed with Turbo but manage to press on. Our heroes graduate high school, and we learn a whole lot about our hosts' own graduation. And we lose some characters that have been with us for a long time.


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Episode 31: Turbo drags on as Avi and Dan's frustration continues to mount. This week they have to deal with forced morals and a "very special episode" that isn't that special. On the other hand, they're almost halfway done with Turbo and big changes seem to be afoot.



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Episode 32: Dan and Avi get a whole new cast of Rangers? Normally that would be the most important thing that happens. But they discuss a new spin off coming...eventually and go off on tangents about cereal and cartoons from their childhoods! Avi rant watchers, check out this one for a rant about Back to the Future.


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Episode 33: Dan doesn't do an impression. Avi calls out the writers for being racists. Both of our hosts have a lengthy debate about Cassie's sexual preferences. It can only be Power Rangers Turbo and this week Dan and Avi are super impressed with a fight scene! Also, robots?


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Episode 34: Turbo is over! Avi and Dan are ecstatic but first they have to get through the last few episodes of the season. And boy does it end on a downer.. If you're interested in personal anecdotes, though, this one has a lovely story about our hosts chatting with and probably freaking out a woman at a bar. So loyal listeners (are there any?) have that to look forward to. Next week, though, we'll be back with a better season and fewer references to other movies..maybe.


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