Power Rangers: In Space


Episode 35: Dan gets agita, Avi is impressed by competence, and we're in a whole new season! Colors get reasigned and Carlos gets a big stick. Really, though, we just want you to rate us on Apple Podcasts so more people can listen to this horrible waste of time.


Episode 36: Dan and Avi continue to find Power Rangers: In Space "fine" and "better than Turbo". Avi also thinks about a rich woman from Connecticut. Take that for what you will. On the other hand, they're very excited to watch Pirates of the Caribbean next week?


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Episode 37: Dan and Avi are back after their break to watch a movie they enjoyed. This week, they find most things to be competent, except for one episode. Plus they get really distracted talking about Nickelodeon gimmicks from their childhoods and a bunch of other stuff. Is this at all surprising?


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Episode 38: Avi goes above and beyond the call of duty to figure out motivations for Astronema, Dan doesn't buy it. But they're both really impressed with the quality of writing on the show. We also have a summary of greek mythology from Avi, who's really putting his useless MA to work.


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Episode 39: The Psycho Rangers enter the scene as Avi and Dan watch yet another attempt at making a team of evil Rangers. This time it works!...mostly. That's exciting for everyone and is a nice palate cleanser from all the bullshit Astronema has to deal with in this batch of episodes.


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Episode 40: It's the end of an era as Avi and Dan tackle the finale of Power Rangers: In Space. They have mostly feelings about the whole affair and are probably beginning to question all the choices that have led them to this point in their lives. If asked to sum it up in a single phrase it would be, "On a better written show..."


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