Season 3:


Episode 16: Season 3 starts and Dan and Avi are pretty positive. They do spend a little time complaining about bad acting, but who cares when Rita's non-food-based brother is in town!? Avi also finds a voice he can't imitate and Dan mourns the final death of the Putty Patrol.


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Episode 17:  Season 3 continues as Dan and Avi wade headfirst into class commentary! Will they make it out without making everyone mad at them? Tune in to find out!

Plus, Adam gets generic and Bulk and Skull are goofy idiots.

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Episode 18: First, an apology from the editor (Avi): The first 3:00 of the episode have an unfortunate hum in one of the vocal tracks, we won't blame you at all if you skip past it.

A new character appears in circumstances that aren't mysterious or ominous at all. Plus, both Avi and Dan want some sweet aquatic vehicles. Oh, and Bulk and Skull are still pretty awesome.

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Episode 19: Happy New Year! Avi and Dan reflect on one Ranger leaving and a new one joining. We also learn a lot about Catherine's sex life. All that, and Avi is still really mad about Dulcea's costume in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie


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Episode 20: The end of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers? That sort of came out of nowhere. Dan and Avi come to grips with the end of the show that started it all, as usual, they're not sure how they feel about it. On the other hand, more of Rita's family tree is discovered and a magic item is very important to the plot (for some reason) and then immediately discarded. So it'll probably end up in the hidden chamber with the Power Eggs, Sword of Power, and all of Billy's love interests.


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Episode 21: So long Alien Rangers, we hardly knew ye (mostly because of that stupid effect on your voices). Avi and Dan deal with the fallout of the Alien Ranger saga. Plus we get our usual mix of skepticism at plots, annoyance at bad acting, and detailed examinations at Billy's sex life. When the dust of inconsistent writing settles, Avi and Dan gaze off into the distance, wondering what will come in a show that doesn't have "Mighty Morphin'" in its title.


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