Season 1:


Episode 1: Here it is - the podcast no one was asking for! Join childhood friends Avi Dobkin and Daniel Roberts as they watch every episode of Power Rangers.


Episode 2:  It's our second episode!  Has this show gotten any better? Are we any better as hosts? Do we think anyone is listening to this? Listen and find out!

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Episode 3: Dan and Avi watch the five-part story arc, 'Green with Evil'! We know Avi likes it, but what does Dan think?

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Episode 4: Tommy's a part of the gang now but that's not important because Dan and Avi have differing opinions on where the Zords are piloted from.

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Episode 5: Avi and Dan get hopelessly out of their depth when discussion turns to UK politics. Also, Zord cockpits and transformation sequences are discussed some more.

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Episode 6: Cockpits are discussed some more, a green candle might be important, and we face the potential end of the Power Rangers!

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Episode 7: It's the end of Season 1! Tommy and Kimberly's relationship seems pretty serious. Avi is still convinced that Skull is a secret genius.

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