Episode 1: Here it is - the podcast no one was asking for! Join childhood friends Avi Dobkin and Daniel Roberts as they watch every episode of Power Rangers.


Episode 2:  It's our second episode!  Has this show gotten any better? Are we any better as hosts? Do we think anyone is listening to this? Listen and find out!

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Episode 3: Dan and Avi watch the five-part story arc, 'Green with Evil'! We know Avi likes it, but what does Dan think?

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Episode 4: Tommy's a part of the gang now but that's not important because Dan and Avi have differing opinions on where the Zords are piloted from.

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Episode 5: Avi and Dan get hopelessly out of their depth when discussion turns to UK politics. Also, Zord cockpits and transformation sequences are discussed some more.

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Episode 6: Cockpits are discussed some more, a green candle might be important, and we face the potential end of the Power Rangers!

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Episode 7: It's the end of Season 1! Tommy and Kimberly's relationship seems pretty serious. Avi is still convinced that Skull is a secret genius.

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Episode 8: Dan and Avi start season 2 and like a late-night gold commercial, the rangers trade in their old Zords and get all new Zords! Plus, there's a new villain in town, and Bulk and Skull get some much needed character development.

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Episode 9: The Green Ranger powers are gone but that's not important because Dan and Avi finally have a segment! It's pretty terrible.

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Episode 10: 10 episodes? Holy cannoli! Avi and Dan celebrate by talking about night-lights. Also, we've got the exclusive story on Avi's ringtone.
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Episode 11: We learn that Zordon might have gotten the original Ranger Coins by playing dreidel! Also, Avi and Dan now have two fans!

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Episode 12: Avi has a lot of problems with the Rangers' press operation, Dan tries to figure out what the characters' schedules are like. But really, the most important thing is the first successful segment in the brief history of the podcast!

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Episode 13: Aisha's best friend from before Kimberly was her best friend shows up for an episode, but that's not important because Avi has some very strong opinions about Zords. Dan has very strong opinions about gymnastic competitions. Both of them have strong feelings about tentacle porn.

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Episode 14: Dan and Avi are so excited about this weeks episodes that they ramble on even more than usual. They're pretty positive the whole time, too! Except for Avi, who still hates Zordon; and Dan, who doesn't like clones. They also sort of know American history and definitely know HomestarRunner references. 

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Episode 15: Exciting things are afoot as Season 2 wraps up with a string of episodes that Avi and Dan are mostly happy with! Another extra-long conversation ensues as Avi continues to question Zordon's leadership and judgment while Dan continues to sing Billy's praises. We also have another segment this week!

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Episode 16: Season 3 starts and Dan and Avi are pretty positive. They do spend a little time complaining about bad acting, but who cares when Rita's non-food-based brother is in town!? Avi also finds a voice he can't imitate and Dan mourns the final death of the Putty Patrol.


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Episode 17:  Season 3 continues as Dan and Avi wade headfirst into class commentary! Will they make it out without making everyone mad at them? Tune in to find out!

Plus, Adam gets generic and Bulk and Skull are goofy idiots.

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Christmas Bonus 2017: Happy Holidays listeners (if you exist)! Avi and Dan have watched the 1995 summer blockbuster, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie and have some feelings about it. Also, they talk about the muppet movie for a while, and Avi goes on a long rant about women's clothing.


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Episode 18: First, an apology from the editor (Avi): The first 3:00 of the episode have an unfortunate hum in one of the vocal tracks, we won't blame you at all if you skip past it.

A new character appears in circumstances that aren't mysterious or ominous at all. Plus, both Avi and Dan want some sweet aquatic vehicles. Oh, and Bulk and Skull are still pretty awesome.

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Episode 19: Happy New Year! Avi and Dan reflect on one Ranger leaving and a new one joining. We also learn a lot about Catherine's sex life. All that, and Avi is still really mad about Dulcea's costume in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie


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